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Top Tech Picks

Top Tech Picks

Theres just something so exciting about getting a new gadget – they improve the way you live and just make everything that little bit easier; from a giant screen to view your favourite shows on, to paying for your shopping with a tap your wrist watch, and with the evolution of technology, it now means they’re… Continue Reading

Christmas Gift Guide: Tablets and Ipads

I have recently had the luxury of acquiring a brand new iPad Air; it is my 2nd Apple item after being treated to a high tech (at the time) original iPod in the early 00’s. When questions like, ‘how does it fit so many songs in such a small space?!’ Or, ‘Do you think this… Continue Reading

Wearables That Will Make You Put Your Phone Away

The internet is changing and as it grows we all evolve with it. First, there were computers. You would wake up, log in and check out your newsfeed, only to discover what you did last night with your mates (!) Then came your phone, your best friend from dusk till dawn. You were inseparate, couldn’t stop looking at… Continue Reading