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Swagger Like Jagger: The Women’s Suit

We’re quickly approaching that time of year when trusty thick coats and chunky boots are pulled from the back of the wardrobe and dusted off ready to battle the dark, unknowing British winter. But it needn’t be a time of doom and gloom, invest in the right pieces to see you through the chill in… Continue Reading

Wool Suits: Reassuringly Itchy

Most of the time, itchiness spells you’ve been doing something drastically wrong. Personal hygiene, sexual promiscuity, a careless approach to stinging nettles or a twisted combination of all of the above could all be factors. In clothing terms, however, it shows a piousness for suffering in the name of fashion akin to monks wearing hair… Continue Reading

Suited-Up with Monk Shoes

8 Formal Shoes That Won’t Make You Feel Like A Stiff

  Pairing appropriate shoes with a suit can be a headache. It’s the cuff of the trouser that gives you gyp, usually. No matter what you try on, it just rests there awkwardly, messing with the otherwise unbroken pleat. You end up conceding to a pair of clonkers that you’ll resent until the sole wears… Continue Reading