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Top Tech Picks

Top Tech Picks

Theres just something so exciting about getting a new gadget – they improve the way you live and just make everything that little bit easier; from a giant screen to view your favourite shows on, to paying for your shopping with a tap your wrist watch, and with the evolution of technology, it now means they’re… Continue Reading

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Christmas Wish List Ideas

  It may be frightening to think of, but you’re not the one who got offered a mince pie on your lunch break. It’s mid September which means three months until CHRISTMAS (cue dramatic soundtrack). Howeverrrrr, to relieve the pain and worry of organising Christmas dinner and making sure you’ve bought enough presents, we thought… Continue Reading

The Last of Us: Remastered

Sony’s E3 2014 and The Current PS4 Library

  Day 2 of gaming expo E3 and Sony’s 2-hour conference revealed some hotly anticipated trailers for GTA: V, Batman: Arkham Knight and Far Cry 4 among many others. Grand Theft Auto, which was originally released in Autumn of last year will be getting a Next Gen upgrade in graphical fidelity and most interestingly players… Continue Reading