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Our Followers in our Fashion #Octergram | OcterOOTD

We absolutely love it when our followers #OOTD includes a piece or two from Octer. Whether it’s some pin studs or a fur coat, it brightens our day to see all your amazing outfits and gives us fresh new ideas about styling, hair, and makeup.  We just can’t keep these OcterOOTD’s ourselves any longer! If you’ve… Continue Reading

14 Coats to start you off for Winter

August is nearly over, and that means the fall and it’s subsequent weather are well on there way, and you’re going to need something to keep you warm.  So here’s 14 coats to keep you snug all winter long. 1. DENIM JACKET WITH FLAMINGO MOTIF – ASOS 2. WOMENS FACED WRAP JACKET – BODEN 3.… Continue Reading

Which Elle Woods look are you?

In case in you failed to notice the celebrations all over Instagram and twitter yesterday, Legally Blonde passed the 15 year mark. Miss Legally Blonde herself was seen on Instagram, donning her fav outfits from the iconic movie, and it got us thinking about our favourite Elle Woods looks, each with their own mini personality.… Continue Reading