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Decorating your Dream Moroccan Home | House and Garden

Have you always loved the nomadic notion of a Moroccan home? Do intricate prints and warm earthy colours make you instinctively hold out your credit card? Could you very easily live on a bed hanging from the ceiling, even though you have terrible motion sickness? You may, like us, be yearning for your very own… Continue Reading

The Best Coffee Machines

The Best Coffee Machines

If you know your coffee, you’ll understand when we say that the best machine is essential to deliver that perfect cup of liquid caffeine (magic). Now there’s so many different types of coffee machines in the market that it’s hard to know which one will best suit you – we’ve broken down the best ones… Continue Reading

Bathing Beautiful

Bathing Beautiful – The Luxury Bathroom

A bathroom should always be an extension of the rest of your home, somewhere you can relax and unwind – an oasis of calm. However when it comes to decorating this space people tend to forget these rules and go for bland and boring schemes rather than thinking about the actual use of the room.… Continue Reading