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Bathing Beautiful

Bathing Beautiful – The Luxury Bathroom

A bathroom should always be an extension of the rest of your home, somewhere you can relax and unwind – an oasis of calm. However when it comes to decorating this space people tend to forget these rules and go for bland and boring schemes rather than thinking about the actual use of the room.… Continue Reading

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas

There is a definite art to setting a table; from etiquette to style, the perfect host will be in the know about everything it takes to perfect the laying of a table and the perfect time to learn about this is around Christmas time, when the holiday season is in full swing and the festivities will… Continue Reading

The Eclectic Modernist

Perfecting an eclectic interior space can be tricky – too many things and the room ends up looking like you’re either a hoarder or your lounge is an antiques shop and not enough stuff results in…well, an empty room! Which is hardly appealing! But when you do strike that beautiful middle ground, your space can… Continue Reading