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3 Fall Makeup Trends all over Pinterest this Month | Beauty

We’ve been busy on Pinterest this month if you haven’t already seen, and among other things, we’ve noticed these same makeup trends popping up over and over again. What’s more? We can’t get enough of them. So here they are, fresh from our Pinterest board, the 3 Fall Makeup Trends of this Month. Deep lips… Continue Reading

Decorating your Dream Moroccan Home | House and Garden

Have you always loved the nomadic notion of a Moroccan home? Do intricate prints and warm earthy colours make you instinctively hold out your credit card? Could you very easily live on a bed hanging from the ceiling, even though you have terrible motion sickness? You may, like us, be yearning for your very own… Continue Reading

Winter is coming..

With the sun now firmly tucked behind the clouds, and the rain  has started to come down, we’re bracing ourselves for another long winter. But what better way to brighten up your day than with some fresh new winter basics, courtesy of Octer.                   RELATED ARTICLES:  4… Continue Reading