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Man of the Hour

Holiday Style – Man of the Hour

There has always been such strict rules on what men should wear on an evening – and now that it’s getting to the festive season, the question of what to wear arises once again.. what the hell should you wear to that Christmas soiree? Sure, your other half’s wardrobe is bursting at the seams with… Continue Reading

Now Trading: OFFICE Shoes

Office London, for us, is the jewel in the crown of any respectable high street. You could establish your own state, break away from the U.K. and build a utopian metropolis in the Outer Hebrides; but without an Office in your new retail district, it’d all just be a bit ‘meh’. You know, not quite… Continue Reading

Suited-Up with Monk Shoes

8 Formal Shoes That Won’t Make You Feel Like A Stiff

  Pairing appropriate shoes with a suit can be a headache. It’s the cuff of the trouser that gives you gyp, usually. No matter what you try on, it just rests there awkwardly, messing with the otherwise unbroken pleat. You end up conceding to a pair of clonkers that you’ll resent until the sole wears… Continue Reading