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Man of the Hour

Holiday Style – Man of the Hour

There has always been such strict rules on what men should wear on an evening – and now that it’s getting to the festive season, the question of what to wear arises once again.. what the hell should you wear to that Christmas soiree? Sure, your other half’s wardrobe is bursting at the seams with… Continue Reading

T'is The Party Season

Tis’ the Party Season

The holiday season is well and truly upon us, which means only one thing – parties! Dressing for a festive occasion is somewhat of an art – do you go down the traditional route of embracing all of the embellishment that the season has to offer? After all, at what other point in the year… Continue Reading

8 Work Shoes Every Man Should Own

For women, it was always about spotting the right accessories. For a man though, it always came down to either his watch, or his shoes to establish that prestigious “Dress for Success” work look. Although this classy business environment is quite demanding, there is always space for a “pinch” of  style that will give every man that self-confidence boost needed to make it even through the most stressful day. So let’s… Continue Reading