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Gift Guide - The Difficult Dad

Gift Guide – The Difficult Dad

We know the drill – it’s the week before Christmas and you’ve bought a gift for pretty much everyone in your family including your third cousin, twice removed, that you’ve only met once (and who lives in Australia) and there is still that one person on your list you cannot figure out what to buy… Continue Reading

Gift Guide – The Beauty Lover

We all have that friend who is just flawless – from her manicure that never chips, to the flick of her eyeliner than just makes you hate her (how does she do it? on the tube? at 7am? IMPOSSIBLE), she’s the Michelangelo of makeup and her face is the Sistine Chapel of beauty and to… Continue Reading

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In the Deep Blue Sea

The sea is good for your skin. Hang on, what? The algea in the sea (read: seaweed) to be precise. Why’s that then? Well, our skin needs replenishment of minerals, such as zinc, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium on a daily basis- and guess what the ocean used to protect itself from the harmful rays 3.8billiion… Continue Reading