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Trending: What’s Hot right now on Instagram | Womens

Thank god for Instagram. Every Morning we wake up, check out phones, and bask in the glory of what the everyone else has been doing with their lives. It’s a magical place where it’s always sunny, everyone has style, and no one has more than 5% body fat. It’s also the place where you can… Continue Reading

In Celebration: International Bikini Day

So tomorrow is International Bikini Day, and we here at Octer can’t seem to understand why it’s not a nationally celebrated holiday. In an effort to raise awareness for the underdog of holidays, here are a few of our favourite bikinis, and full-pieces as well, because honestly, who doesn’t love a good bikini. V by… Continue Reading

Prints please.

Summer has nearly arrived and it’s time to stock up on prints, a staple for many of us who like to be a little more adventurous when the sun is out. Whether you’re getting ready for an upcoming vacation (or even a stay-cation!) the high street has unveiled their latest SS16 offerings, suitable for all occasions. We’re… Continue Reading