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3 Fall Makeup Trends all over Pinterest this Month | Beauty

We’ve been busy on Pinterest this month if you haven’t already seen, and among other things, we’ve noticed these same makeup trends popping up over and over again. What’s more? We can’t get enough of them. So here they are, fresh from our Pinterest board, the 3 Fall Makeup Trends of this Month. Deep lips… Continue Reading

11 products to include in your August Beauty Regime

1.  Pure Colour Dark Grey Gel Nail Polish | £3.99 | Newlook New look’s Pure Gel range, with PRO-UV technology, is the perfect long wear nail polish, for a stunning price. With the perfect shade of grey to match every outfit, you’ll never be left trying to open your sunglasses without smudging your manicure on the… Continue Reading

Which Elle Woods look are you?

In case in you failed to notice the celebrations all over Instagram and twitter yesterday, Legally Blonde passed the 15 year mark. Miss Legally Blonde herself was seen on Instagram, donning her fav outfits from the iconic movie, and it got us thinking about our favourite Elle Woods looks, each with their own mini personality.… Continue Reading