HAY stationary

Long Live Stationery!

Your smartphone is all things to all men, isn’t it? What your phone can’t do, your laptop, even your tablet will take care of. But sometimes you need to go back to basics – literally back to the drawing board. If your livelihood, your higher education depends at all on your creativity, you’ll know some of the best ideas are scribbled. You know, with pencils? On paper? In the words of Tony Stark: “That’s how Dad did it, that’s how America Britain does it… and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

CDT Pencils

Get yourself a nice pen and hang on to it forever. Even if you only ever use it to write greetings cards, we bet you’ll get a pleasant endorphin rush exercising your long dormant penmanship. In fact, why don’t you just try getting a quote of one of those insurance companies off the telly, they’re always saying they’ll send you a free Parker pen – the suckers!

Mont Blanc Perfection

Remember getting a re-up on your new school term pencil case? Well, you can get a grown-up one now. No-one’s saying it has to look grown-up – it doesn’t come with varicose veins and a mortgage – you can get a Batman one if you want.

Waxed Cotton Pencil Case

We’ve made a clean, colour co-ordinated Eight that focuses on the Moleskine notebook as the canvas for all things creative and strategic. We’ll also take care of all and any of your other stationary needs on the SHAREIGHT app – give us a whirl, why don’t you!

Our Pencil Pushing 8