Introducing OcterSnap™

Octer Snap - Esquire and Cosmopolitan

We’re extremely excited to introduce OcterSnap, our latest app feature now live in Octer. Ready to use with the latest issues of Esquire and Cosmopolitan magazines, OcterSnap will literally (yes, literally) enable you to shop from the pages in an instant.

We’ve always known and loved magazines like Cosmo, to give advice and inspiration on everything from the latest fashion trends to beauty tips, but when it comes to shopping the products that are suggested by the ‘experts’, things aren’t so easy. There may be a price and a brand label next to a product featured, but usually you won’t find much of a description, making it incredibly difficult and time consuming to track down. We are also now becoming more accustomed to blogs and vlogs, which will always provide links to products discussed; linking the moment of inspiration to a purchase in an instant.

This is where OcterSnap comes in, with the hope of refreshing our love for most trusted print editorials.

By observing anyone who uses OcterSnap, it’s obvious that what makes it so enjoyable and verging on addictive, is that it’s so instantaneous. There are no strange looking barcodes to struggle with and barely no loading time.  All you have to do is hover your phone over a page (without even taking a picture) and in an instant the page is recognised and the products featured on the page will appear – ready to buy! It’s so quick and easy, you really have to try for yourself – *wow* reaction guaranteed.

Octer Snap - Esquire and Cosmopolitan magazine

Remember, you can save anything that catches your eye to your Saved list, if you’re not going to buy straight away. Also, if you find a something you love but it’s beyond your budget, just OcterSnap it, then tap our ‘Compare’ button to view alternative products – you just might find a great deal or cheaper lookalike.

Octer Snap Cosmopolitan and Esquire Magazine

Try OcterSnap today with September’s Cosmopolitan or Esquire and let us know what you think. OcterSnap is located in the sidebar of the Octer app.

Download Octer from the app store here.