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Short Stack


Sunshine is a rare commodity in this United Kingdom. Owning more than 3-4 pairs of shorts to be worn on native soil is frankly a waste of wardrobe/drawer/industrial clothes rack/dusty-vacuum-pack space. Make your choices count, you want each pair to be indispensable. This is how to do exposed legs for every scenario.

Smart-Casual Workhorse

REISS Chino Short

This solid all rounder will see plenty of action, as you tour smoking area sun traps, Pimms-soaked barbecues and late afternoon bar hopping in the city. Dress up or dress down as appropriate with an Oxford, lightweight crew and loafers or a basic jersey tee with Birkenstocks or Converse Jack Purcells. Such is the versatility of the chino short, it’ll be forever in the laundry pile. Choose a dark navy pair that will retain its colour with repeat washes. Go for a slim cut that sits a couple of inches above the knee, playing it safe is fine. You can always turn them up.

REISS // £65.00 //

Light ‘n’ Airy

YMC Linen Check Shorts

For those days when super-serious world news is relegated from the front pages of the tabloids to be replaced by big pictures of overcrowded British beaches. Everything becomes a fan. The tube is Satan’s spa. You wriggle into these first thing and they stay on all day. These are the reason you’re noticeably underdressed when you’re “Out Out” at quarter to 10 on a Thursday. Loosey goosey linen keeps you cool, the relaxed fit is a blessing. Blessings on blessings on blessings.

YMC // £95.00 //

Streetwear Sportive

Champion Sweat Short

A key part of your uniform for festivals, carnival and not-sure-if-legal raves. Sweatshorts you can get away with, as long as the rest of your fit is clean – but don’t fool yourself, you’re not getting into any clubs in these. More traditional sportswear shorts will have performance more in mind, and consequently won’t be as stifling as sweats. Pair these with Reebok Classics or some suitably geriatric New Balances. Top things off with a bucket hat to shade your dome and a pristine Champion sweatshirt and you’re golden ’til September ends.

Champion // £55.00 //

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