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Office London, for us, is the jewel in the crown of any respectable high street. You could establish your own state, break away from the U.K. and build a utopian metropolis in the Outer Hebrides; but without an Office in your new retail district, it’d all just be a bit ‘meh’. You know, not quite ‘legit’. A key player in accessible, trend-led fashion, theirs is a shoe chain that closely reflects what the well-dressed masses are wearing on their feet, drawing in punters of  all tastes and every purse.

Office SS13 LookBook

Unlike some of the other high street pretenders, Office Shoes aren’t following  and playing catch-up to trends, they’re helping to define trends with their directional, progressive approach to footwear. They’ve a philosophy that we at SHAREIGHT also hold dear: an outfit starts with a shoe. Get that wrong and you’ve already failed.

Office SS14 LookBook

Office have always struck a good balance between formal, casual and sports in what they choose to stock. For the man after a pair of on-trend, affordable smart shoes of good quality, Office is their go-to destination. Indie brands have always flourished under Office with H by Hudson and the brand’s own Ask The Missus leading the way for trendy, predominantly formal-to-casual footwear. Office’s boutique men’s brand Poste was established in 2000, with an upmarket aesthetic styled after your typical gentlemen’s club. Over the years we’ve learned they’re a store that does own brand goods really, really well.

Office AW13 LookBook

The store’s sister brand (though little brother might be more accurate), Offspring, was launched in 1996 as a sports fashion only concept. But as the popularity of trainer culture has grown in the mainstream over the last 4-5 years, so has the ratio of sneakers to more formal styles on the Office shelves. By expanding their range of trainers, Office successfully took the niche sneakerhead culture of Size? and gave it broad appeal.

Nike Liberty at Office


These Donatello brogues are pretty characteristic of the Poste look and feel. Classic silhouettes, minimalism and premium materials paint a brand that embodies the smart and sophisticated gent. £110.00

Mens Poste Donatello brogues

Ask The Missus

Omniscient when it comes to picking up emerging trends, Ask The Missus is the more fashion forward part of the Office exclusive range. These CJ lace-ups have borrowed heavily from Dr. Martens but have added a playful and contemporary twist that’s unique to Ask The Missus. Now on SALE £59.99 £30.00

Ask The Missus CJ lace-up


Representative of Office’s increasingly worthy sneaker collection, the Nike Internationalist is another 30-year-old archive piece to make a comeback in the 2010’s. The thirst for retro runners shows no signs of abaiting, so get yours for £65.00.

Nike Internationalist

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Now Trading: OFFICE

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  • Jayne Morey

    Today a large number of office shoes are available in the market. Most of the office prefer to see their employee in the office having formal shoes. My husband also prefers to wear formal office shoes and Nike shoes for the office….