Men’s Style For Autumn: Seattle Grunge


A trend that always works perfectly for Autumn in menswear is the Seattle Grunge movement.

Think oversized flannels, big coats, heavy boots or tattered sneaks. Wear knitted beanies with sloppy logo t-shirts, love-worn fabrics and lots of layering.

If you’re feeling brave, contrast the look with a little androgyny in the form of floral prints, pastel cardigans or feminine accessories. An icon of the scene, Kurt Cobain (below), captures this trend perfectly.

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A look originally based on the everyday workwear of industrial Seattle city dwellers, Grunge has transcended its practical origins to become an expression of everyday cool. Further inspired by a movement of musicians in the 90’s.

Take note from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mud Honey and Alice In Chains (below) for style inspiration. It’s a look soaked in bohemia that can be taken as far as you dare.


Pearl Jam work grunge style by layering shorts over long johns with thick socks and Doc Martens.




Nirvana make grunge work with knitted cardigans, shredded denim, flannel shirts and band tees.



Mud Honey go for that ‘just don’t care’ vibe with dirty skater sneaks messy hair and beaded necklaces.



Alice in chains go all out in hippy style knits, bold patterns and long long hair that is perfect for rocking out.

Fashion has long since made Grunge its darling. With plenty of designer and high street turns on this trend available on our app you’ll have no problems experimenting!


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