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By the looks of their well appointed Holiday Shop JD Sports are clearly hedging their bets on your presence at 1 or more boat parties this summer. Whether your sea legs are up to it is on you, but that’s nothing that can’t be remedied by a shot or 3 of highly flammable, highly alcoholic syrup, no? Wherever you’re catching a case of sunstroke this year, JD will have you looking so fresh, you’ll be able to slur your inappropriate Drake slow jam requests before swiftly toppling overboard and still come out a hero. Such is the power of brand new threads.

Adidas Original Bucket HatI’ve always had a soft spot for bucket hats. They were untouchably goofy for, well, pretty much the entire 00’s and I’m so stoked they got a second chance around 2012. About 1000 times more effective than a snapback for shielding yourself from the Mediterranean sun, your mum would surely approve.

Nike Core Small Items Bag II

LOL at Nike naming this unabashed man bag a “small items bag”. You just made it way more dubious-sounding than it already was. As…little bags for men go, there’s absolutely zero shame in carrying this on your person. Stick all sorts of cumbersome stuff in there, those sunglasses you were otherwise going to hang off your t-shirt (and lose within seconds like a complete chump) most of all.
Adidas Originals AdiletteCompleting an unholy trinity of “stuff that was once deemed uncool for many years” we have the Adidas Originals Adilette. Nothing offensive here in and of itself, but you can troll a lot of people up by defiantly wearing these with white sports socks. Better yet, Nike white sports socks. No brand loyalty. Trololololololol.

Converse Sweat Shorts
Where did sweat shorts come from all of a sudden? I haven’t worked out if they make any sense yet as any kind of practical garment. But who cares, they look pretty sweet, don’t they? Converse singlehandedly killing the #cosyboy game with their trackies and such. Although, I don’t think you can be cosy in 31°C heat. #comfyboyz?

Adidas Original Adidrill Vulc
Adidas switching up the ubiquitous espadrille by throwing a vulcanised Vans-esque sole on some Toms. I can dig it because they look like they can withstand a full week of tramping up and down the strip with the squad without having to attend the local clínica on the last night for complications following a broken beer bottle to the big toe. You have those tirelessly innovative Germans to thank for that.

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