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If you’ve been making trainee bus drivers anxious with your two-wheeled antics since the cycling spike of 2012, you might have noticed the rapid degradation of your trousers and jackets that comes with your daily commute. Grease on your shins and grimy splashback from an oily winter road can effectively ruin a garment on a single ride. No-one’s made of chinos and if you’ve no room left to cram in a change of clothes to your backpack, you’re in a bit of a pickle aren’t you?

Wet Monday by Colin Templeton

The style-conscious urban cyclist needs resilient garms: enter Levi’s…

The Urban Cyclist

The popular Levi’s Commuter series has been making cycle-friendly workwear and casual basics for a couple of years now. Their ever-expanding range, now in its 5th season, blends performance materials and build with their own trademark, contemporary style.

Levi's Commuter Series LookBook

The stand out pieces, for us, have to be the original 511 chinos. Slim cut and with a decent stretch to them, they feature a “water-resistant and dirt-repellent NanoSphere® protective finish” with “reflective 3M™ Scotchlite™ tape on the interior cuffs”. There’s even a belt loop for your U-lock (good luck slipping your Kryptonite in there) Fancy. These pants are designed to be worn on your downtime, at work and of course, in the saddle.

Levi’s Commuter Series Jeans 2014

Roll out the same dirt-shedding properties in a smart zip-through blouson and you’re on to a winner. Those great streaks and flecks of road filth that once arched up the back of your jacket should wipe right off. The only downside is they’re certainly piling on the smug factor to an already entitled group (speaking as part of that group, too)

Levi's Commuter City Hybrid

Your average fixed gear rider scoffs at the idea of protective headwear, but it’s our civic duty to encourage the use of helmets. But hey; it’s your cranium, Jack.

Did someone say velodrome?

If you like your hi-vis vests to stay on your fire marshalls and public sector workers, at least make sure you’re visible with plenty of LEDs. There’s form over function, then there’s just common sense.

This guy could use some hi-vis...

The more you look like a bike messenger, the more likely people are to give you a wide berth; those cats are crazy! A couple of benefits of the messenger bag is its ease of access and that they can sit fairly low on your torso, allowing your back to breathe.


The topic of fixies is a bit of a bone of contention, so we’ll try not to get bogged down or resort to any Hipster bashing. Favoured for their simplistic aesthetic, they could be considered something of a fad. We’re of the opinion that there’s nothing wrong with them for urban cycling per se, provided your city is relatively flat, the danger is when they’re ridden without brakes by the inexperienced. There’s no reason why brakes can’t be fitted retrospectively but, again, it’s down to the rider’s discretion. There’s no denying they look fantastic, though.

Charge cycles

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