8 Classic Watches Under £50


Grandad often remarked he’d be buried with his Omega Seamaster. You’ve since had a fervent peek at the will and he wasn’t kidding. You’re plum out of luck, son. No-one is leaving you their extremely expensive watch unless you turn toyboy for an ageing heiress. You don’t have any high society connects, the naively posted Tag Heuer on your Amazon Wishlist has sat there since 2012, in spite of the ‘High Priority’ label you added as an afterthought and you can’t justify skipping rent for something you’ll likely lose in a municipal swimming pool.

Meanwhile, you’re late for every pint, every peer review meeting, every train is departing and you’re not on it. You need a watch, any watch. These one’s are cheap and really nice…

Timex Weekender – £47.99

Timex Weekender

Kicking off with a classic, the Timex Weekender. Part of the Originals range, it’s a highly functional casual piece that’s sophisticated in its simplicity. No flashy adornments here, the Weekender can be seen as the antidote to alot of the chunky, over-engineered and over-priced timepieces out there to prove status. A fashionable, affordable, military inspired watch that’s sure to stay in style for decades to come.

Casio A168WG-9EF – £50.00


Oozing with retro charm, the iconic digital Casio is as popular now as it was in ’84. Ludicrously blingy in it’s gold colouring, it gets a pass every time for the sheer vintage appeal it carries. In our book, one of the few digital pieces that grab our attention. We’d take one of these over your fancy wearable tech any day!

Sekonda 3207.27 – £39.99


At £39.99 the Sekonda 3207.27 uses subtlety to achieve a slightly more luxe look that belies its extremely modest price tag. The rose gold casing, antiqued leather strap and it’s simplistic Roman numeral face work really well together, presenting something that could just as easily be a charming flea market gem – but with the reliability of something brand new from a good manufacturer.

Komono Fat Wizard – £44.95

Komono Fat Wizard

A relatively new player bringing a fresh trend-driven approach to affordable timepieces, Komono is definitely one to watch (pun not intended) merging the classic with the new for some distinctly modern creations. This blacked-out version of the Fat Wizard model is the brand’s most minimal offering to date, but doesn’t scrimp on quality. If you’re prepared to spend £10-20 more, you can explore most if not all of their highly original range.

Accurist MS708WA – £50.00


Continuing with another understated piece, this time from Accurist, a black leather strap watch which features a handy date counter that’s absent from it’s analog brethren. Useless for deep sea welding, superb for knowing what day it is – and that’s half the battle.

Cheapo Vintage World Watch – £39.00

Cheapo Vintage Map Watch

Yes, Cheapo. Either the worst example of branding in the world or the best; we’re leaning toward the latter. Perhaps sending up the idea of the watch as a status symbol, the Swedish brand has a strong accessories collection and this map print watch is a showstopper for us. A unique bit of Scandinavian magic for under £40? Yes please.

Sekonda Chronograph 3379 – £45.00

Sekonda Chronograph

Consider this the wildcard of the bunch, as chronographs weren’t on our radar for two reasons: a) they tend to be a little more expensive b) they err on the side of the ultra-modern and we’re all about old school cool today. We happened across this as it’s a right bargain so we’re dropping it in. It’s got dials for days and watertight to 50 metres but, crucially, it’s not too James Bond-esque and overwrought in the design.

Swatch Just White – £32.00

 Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.15.26

Wrapping up our classy watches under £50, we have the only way you can say your gear is Swiss made with a straight face. Technically, you’d be right. Swatch is the acceptable face of affordable watches and despite the mega-upbeat adverts in all their primary-coloured vibrancy, they’ve got some quieter pieces on the go, too. The Just White watch is, well, just right and is as unisex as an all-white product can be. Pristine and £32’s worth of Swiss engineering – which is a snip, right?

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