Bonfire Night with M&S for Kids

bonfire night

It’s the end of October already, which means it’s also the beginning of November; bonfire night! The celebrations are set to be amazing, with local parks organising some of their biggest shows yet, but although we had great weather on Tuesday, you’re gonna want to wrap up warm. These darker evenings have also become a lot colder, so it’s important that any kids out for the sparkling celebrations are kept nice and cosy. Marks and Spencer have a fantastic range of children’s knitwear online and are a great go to choice in terms of quality.

Socks, tights, jumpers, scarves and hats, there’s quite a list to tick off, but Marks has them all. If you’ve got a few bits already you might just want to add on. We’ve picked some of the best of each category to help you find what you might need.

1. Pure Cotton Chunky Cardigan

marks and spencer

Made with Marks and Spencer’s StayNEW technology, this cardigan is designed to reduce bobbling and colour loss. Perfect for any yummy hot chocolate that may decide to spill..

2. Bear Hooded Fleece Top


Keep your little cub warm in this fleecy bear top. Layer up underneath and unzip if he gets too hot.

3. Three Pairs of BodySensor School Tights

marks and spencer

These soft tights are a winter must-have. The Body Sensor technology is designed to keep your little ones warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm.

4. 7 Pairs of Days of the Week Socks


We couldn’t not add these in. Most of your bubbas will be wearing socks by now, but these ‘Seven Days of the Week’ socks will not only keep their toes warm but also aid in their learning. Double them up for extra toasty toes.

5. Pointelle Hat, Scarf & Gloves Set with Wool


Hat, scarf and gloves all in one! This set is exactly what you need for the autumn and winter months.

6. Peppa Pig Fleece Hat, Scarf and Glove Set


These are bound to be a hit, and if you’ve caught yourself getting into the program, I’m sure you could see why.