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dinner set

Polishing up on your dining set is a task that’s slightly more necessary than one may realise. I was once so content with my old chipped and cracked plates, but it was when I had reached the stage of wanting to plan dinner parties and host for my boyfriend’s parents that I realised that it couldn’t go on. It helped for me to keep those for myself, but to also keep a spare dining set in the cupboard so that I could proudly put dinner on the table.

It felt good to no longer see that big blue plate sat besides a plastic party plate from pound land; I had finally entered the realms of adulthood and provided myself with an actual dinner set. I remember walking around habitat with mum while she use to buy them, but on a budget such as mine I didn’t mind sticking to Argos.

dinner set

Now can you see the effect a matching set can have? Besides the compliments you’ll feel happier and much more organised presenting to people knowing that everything is in unison.

dinner set

dinner set

If you’ve been holding out with them cracks or remember you have guests over soon, have a look at the eight to check out some of Argos’ latest dinner sets available now. Prices start from as little as £11.99!

My favourite of the eight is the ‘Sabichi 12 Piece Biscotti Dinner Set’ currently on sale at £27.99.

sabichi biscotti

The mushroom colour that looks almost purple is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine. Made from quality stoneware, the ripple effect in all the pieces add elegance for any dinner setting. Dishwasher and microwave safe and on sale, it definitely wins first place for me.

argos dinner set

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