5 Colourful Ways To Refresh Your Home


Another busy week is coming to an end and what you need is a place to relax – put the pressure away. One of the best ways to do that is to get “creative” within your house. If you want to take small and simple steps to bring some colour into your house and refresh your garden, this mini-guide is definitely for you.

1. Starting easy, bring in some colour.

The weather is not helping? The place looks monochrome? All you need to do is spice up your colour range, indoors and outdoors.


I know what you’re thinking. Everything seems beautiful, but how do I do that? You can start by curtains. In fact, curtains act as light reflectors. They are the ones responsible for distributing the light inside your living room. If your curtains are colourful, your house will be too. Browse these wonderful pieces of art and take your pick.

As an addition, you should definitely go for coloured cushions. These picks can also refresh your garden, adding value to your outside-home experience.


2. Refreshing The Kitchen

Your kitchen is more important than you think. To be more specific, according to interior designers, your kitchen should be kept as bright as possible. Try to keep your walls bright, but if that isn’t an option, you should go for terrestial colours. Browse here to get some ideas of how to achieve that.


3. Take advantage of your corners.

If you want that cosy feeling anywhere in your space, you should decorate your key rooms. Go for corners, as they are the ones that give this complete relax feeling, especially at night time, when lit up.


How to do that:

As seen in the photo above, you can use a comfy armchair, angled light and beautifully coloured vases or candles. Take your time and look at these suggestions as they are serious problem-solvers.

4. Your garden is your secret.


Warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, and sunny days are luring you outside. Don’t hesitate to attempt to achieve a sense of privacy in an urban space by enclosing it with a tall wooden fence. Prioritize how you plan to use this area before making any decorating decisions. For example, if it’s for dining and entertaining, make sure the grill and table are your first key pieces.

5. Take your bedroom to the next level

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want anything more than a cosy bedroom. Your bed is the key ofcourse but what about the sheets? Colour again, but keep it chic, don’t overwhelm the room. Try to have three colours top. This is our pick for your bed.


If you are on vacation, you are most probably relaxed by now. If you are not though, you can try to reform your space. Nothing is more comfy than your own house after all.