What to buy your man this Valentines Day

Valentines Gift Guide

Don’t get into the grand gestures, someone will end up disappointed. By all means, let him go slyly overbudget and spoil you, he’ll only pat himself on the back. Meantime, you can really show you care with some well considered gifts.

fireboxjonspcCelebrate TV’s most pirated show ever with this wicked print in the art style of Grand Theft Auto.

*DISCLAIMER: So he convinced you to watch Game of Thrones with him which, as we’re all aware, is the socially acceptable gateway to true nerdiness. Be aware: the fantasy genre takes no prisoners, keep this up and you’ll be spending your Saturdays in Games Workshop before Danaerys makes it to Westeros, mark my words.*

baxtercalispcAvoid the classic scenario whereby he gets his Radox and nailclippers confiscated at the airport and you have to keep him in miniature toiletries for the rest of the week. This premium quilted travel kit from Baxter of California comes equipped with more than a man could ever need to stay clean.

lostlanes3spcNow for the cheesy bit. Engrave this cool little friendship bracelet with your favourite in-joke or soppy pet name – he’ll blag it’s some obscure song lyric to his mates, of course, but with the exception of the boozer you’ll be with him always. Sweet.

psshirtspcBuying your partner clothes can be touch-and-go but this Paul Smith shirt is an absolute given. In typical playful PS style, it’s got some lovely contrasting houndstooth pattern and comes in a beautifully tailored fit. Get it HALF PRICE while you can!

tedbspcA wallet may well elicit a yawn, but we like this stuff. In the limited spectrum of gifts for guys, the wallet always rings true. Us men appreciate leather goods for their longevity and durability, and it’s not something we would/could have bought for ourselves. The gold embossed Ted Baker logo adds a touch of luxury without being too flash.

pacor2spcAftershave will always go down well because, used sparingly, it can last well over a year. Again, it’s not something we’d buy ourselves and you – as the other half – get to reap the benefits of a spicy smelling fella day after day, after day…

diesel2spcWe’ll hold onto a knackered pair of boxers indefinitely, long after the elasticated waistband has given up the ghost and the fabric has passed beyond the realm of any stain remover. Do us a favour and get us some fresh boxers? Designer ones, with a nice big word on them, please.

Ben Sherman Portobello WatchWe know you might feel you have to go all out on a fancy watch for occasions like these, but that’s simply not the case. Dial back your budget to under £100 and there are hundreds of stylish, understated timepieces worth considering. Ben Sherman get the ‘less is more’ approach just right with their Portobello Social.

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