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Copper and Marble: A match made in heaven | Home

We know you’ve all seen the copper and marble trend floating around for a while now. And if you haven’t firstly: where have you been, and second: you need to follow us on Instagram. It’s a a well loved trend here at Octer, I for one, refuse to bring anything into my home unless it’s… Continue Reading

Decorating your Dream Moroccan Home | House and Garden

Have you always loved the nomadic notion of a Moroccan home? Do intricate prints and warm earthy colours make you instinctively hold out your credit card? Could you very easily live on a bed hanging from the ceiling, even though you have terrible motion sickness? You may, like us, be yearning for your very own… Continue Reading

Treat yo Self #Fridayfeeling

It’s Friday, and all we feel like doing is stuffing our face full of sweet potato fries, because we damn well earnt them. But before you throw a week’s worth of work-outs out the window in a moment of weakness we’ve found some delicious eats that are, like, only a little bit bad for you.  … Continue Reading