Purple Kisses

purple kisses

If like me you find that foundation is left only for special occasions, and applying eyeshadow is like reaching the Chamber of Secrets, lipstick is your new best friend. Other than bronzer and glitter (which really I just throw on everywhere), lipstick is the only make up I really know how to apply. This doesn’t upset me however, even if I wish I didn’t get glue on my eyeballs when putting on fake lashes, because the massive variety of colours that lipstick is available in makes it just as fun. Literally, if you can pull it off, there’s an egg yolk yellow out there just for you.

This Autumn however, I’ve really become a fan of purple. I mostly own dark colours of lipstick, including black! I love it! But look-at-me, popping purple lipstick currently gives me life. Due to the fact that it’s still a warm colour, it isn’t extremely bright and over powerful, yet instead a wow-I-want-that-too look. A bit over-top? I beg to differ, if you only wear lipstick it’s only right to make it exciting. I’ll show you some of my favourite shades of purple and then let you know where you can get your hands on your own.


This is very similar to ‘Smoked Purple’ – by Mac Cosmetics

violetta mac

‘Violetta’ – by Mac Cosmetics.


‘Vamp’ – by Sleek also gives this colour.

mac heroine

‘Heroine’ – by Mac Cosmetics or dupe¬†‘Exxxagerate’ – by Sleek.