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Don’t Fall Flat

Once the festive season kicks in (aka, NOW) it’s hard to keep up with your diary. The amount of social commitments and family duties you have to attend tenfold, and you’re left in the lurch about when you’ll actually have any time to do anything for yourself.
Plus, having to go from work to a party or two becomes a daily activity. Whilst it’s easy enough to add some make up for your party, it’s usually a little impossible to be able to wash or re-style your hair. (I’m a big fan of upside down jujzing). That’s why, Christmas time is perhaps the most annoying time to have your hair falling flat. THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR THAT!

Have a look at our hair-spiration photos below, and then check out our favourite products to keep it looking that way!

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Our tried and tested favourites to keep your hair in shape, below!

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