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In the Deep Blue Sea

The sea is good for your skin. Hang on, what?

The algea in the sea (read: seaweed) to be precise. Why’s that then? Well, our skin needs replenishment of minerals, such as zinc, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium on a daily basis- and guess what the ocean used to protect itself from the harmful rays 3.8billiion years ago? Since an ozone layer hadn’t formed yet, the ocean used the microalgae species as it’s protective layer.

Sounds scientific, but really it’s very simple. Both the sea and our skin need to be protected, and need to maintain every cell to work properly. The key to this is maintaining ideal mineral levels to preventing cellular imbalances and boosting every cell function.

Now of course, we could just put seaweed on our faces – some people do. But there’s a far more luxurious and efficient way of applying algea on your skin, by way of Creme de la Mer who created their trademark Miracle Broth fifties years ago.

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These are favourites (although it’s hard to pick), and you can see more from Creme de la Mer on SHAREIGHT where they are making Eights!

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