Monthly Archives: August 2016

VMA’s 2016 – Outfit Envy

It’s our favourite time of year, The VMA’s. When everyone we’ve been talking about all year, don their funnest clothing and Kanye says something ridiculous or offensive like he’s going to run for president. This year we had a pretty clean cut VMA’s with some truly excellent performances, and even better fashion. These are our fav… Continue Reading

14 Coats to start you off for Winter

August is nearly over, and that means the fall and it’s subsequent weather are well on there way, and you’re going to need something to keep you warm.  So here’s 14 coats to keep you snug all winter long. 1. DENIM JACKET WITH FLAMINGO MOTIF – ASOS 2. WOMENS FACED WRAP JACKET – BODEN 3.… Continue Reading

Boden Baby Bargains

Boden is fast becoming one of our favourite go-to stores featured on Octer, for quality essentials to please the whole family. The very British online retailer has recently won our hearts with their adorable kids and baby wear collections. Not only great quality, but also uniquely stylish and quintessentially english designs. The Boden bunny leggings… Continue Reading