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Gift Guide – The Beauty Lover

We all have that friend who is just flawless – from her manicure that never chips, to the flick of her eyeliner than just makes you hate her (how does she do it? on the tube? at 7am? IMPOSSIBLE), she’s the Michelangelo of makeup and her face is the Sistine Chapel of beauty and to… Continue Reading

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas

There is a definite art to setting a table; from etiquette to style, the perfect host will be in the know about everything it takes to perfect the laying of a table and the perfect time to learn about this is around Christmas time, when the holiday season is in full swing and the festivities will… Continue Reading

festive dress up

Festive Dress-Up

M&S have once again won us over with their incredibly cute Baby & Toddler clothing range. We’ve chosen our favourite outfits from the adorable collection which is designed for ages 0-18 months and ranges from reindeer onesies to mini tuxedos. So go on, make the most of dressing them in the most ridiculously cute Christmas get-up,… Continue Reading