Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rugged leather wash bag

Sac Magique!

Misguided relatives and tenuous family friends have been buying you unwarranted birthday washbags since before you hit puberty. Remember being confounded as to what to do with all that Lynx Africa roll-on before the hormonal floodgates opened? But you put it on anyway, even if your sweat glands hadn’t booted up with a vengeance yet.… Continue Reading

Small flat decorating

Define ‘Cosy’?

  With pieces on some of London’s pokiest flats cropping up in the Evening Standard all last week, it’s clear that the housing crisis in the city will continue indefinitely until big developers make some serious moves to alleviate it. Britain’s homes are officially the smallest in Europe and it’s undoubtedly a seller’s market in… Continue Reading

Young Andre Agassi

The Tennis Prodigy

With Wimbledon all over the telly, have you noticed your young ‘un pawing at Djokovic or Sharapova as they do their thing on centre court? Those grubby fingers on your flat screen can mean only one thing: the kid’s gonna be a tennis star. We like to jump on the first thing our children show… Continue Reading