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The Return of The Double-Breasted Jacket

Doubling Down with Double-Breasted Blazers

  London Collections: Men, Pitti Oumo 86, Milan Fashion Week and now Paris Fashion Week; we’ve rifled through so many streetstyle snaps in the past couple of weeks it’s making our collective heads spin. One trend that’s been building momentum for a couple of years is the return of double-breasted blazers, and we can conclusively… Continue Reading

Fixie Firebrand

  If you’ve been making trainee bus drivers anxious with your two-wheeled antics since the cycling spike of 2012, you might have noticed the rapid degradation of your trousers and jackets that comes with your daily commute. Grease on your shins and grimy splashback from an oily winter road can effectively ruin a garment on… Continue Reading

We stack 'em high

Piqué Times

  You’ve Rene Lacoste to thank that you’re not sweating it out playing mixed doubles in a dress shirt and tie. We kid you not, tennis players of the 19th and early 20th century were decked-out like modern day businessmen enjoying their lunch in the sunshine, all rolled-up sleeves and a loosened ties. The inventor… Continue Reading